Dear Produce: McCartney’s vegetarian interview

Who knew the McCartney’s were vegetarian? Photo: (cc) LizMarie_AK.

Paul McCartney, in an interview with The Observer, has detailed how a vegetarian diet can benefit your health, wealth and the environment. The former Beatle, stated that he and his wife Linda had brought their children up as vegetarians, originally due to their love for animals, but later turned into a cultural exploration. More recently, the family have promoted the campaign of “Meat Free Mondays” – something that Paul says can help the future of the planet.

The United Nations’ original report (Livestock’s Long Shadow, 2006) pointed out that the livestock industry worldwide is responsible for more harmful greenhouse gases than the whole of the transport sector. Adding to this astounding fact the pleasure and benefits of vegetarian food, it becomes an attractive option to consider. So in this issue of Observer Food Monthly, we hope to show that meat-free dishes can not only be great tasting and easy to prepare but also benefit us all.

Who knew that his Flaming Pie was vegetarian?

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