Sydney’s development biting into urban agriculture

Food security is far from an exclusive third-world problem, if we’re to take a recent survey by the Australian National University’s word.

Three per cent of Australians have been forced to rely on emergency food assistance. And almost a third grow their food for some security.

But if growing herbs on the back porch brings some peace of mind, it seems a tad odd that the same doesn’t go for our urban agriculture.

Amy Rathbone reports on Sydney’s “back porch.”

Photo: Amy Rathbone.

Are you thinking this story deserves a virtual hi-five? Yes? In that case, you should check out Amy’s opinion piece on the government being too lazy to stop the encroachment of housing upon agricultural land.


3 responses to “Sydney’s development biting into urban agriculture

  1. Agriculture in the Sydney Basin requires three things to remain there: 1.Profitability 2. Certainty and with the first 2 then the third Sustainability. Most of the rest of the world values the presence of ag. close by its cities and assists farmers (generally smaller diverse family farms) to remain in the vicinity of the city. Here, we put every obstruction in their way, increase their costs and decrease income to a point where they must sell to developers or “lifestylers” or go broke. Please contact your local member and ask them to help farmers in the Sydney Basin (or any other large city in Oz.). There are answers to the problem……….Ag.Enterprise Credits (AEC’s)……Legislate to protect ‘Standard Ag. Practice’ from complaint………Establish and promote a “Sydney Local Brand”!!

  2. This is really enlightening as to where food is grown. We never really think about that huh? Great video skills as well Amy!

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