Study reveals something missing in organic food

A recent study has shown organic food doesn’t have higher nutritional value Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Opinion is divided over a recent study released by Stanford University.

The study shows that organic produce does not contain significantly higher levels of nutrition compared to traditionally grown produce.

Though this finding has been dominating media coverage, other important aspects of the study have been left out.

Sharon Ye investigates.


6 responses to “Study reveals something missing in organic food

  1. Organic produce likely contains just as much nutrition as traditionally grown produce because traditionally grown produce is organic, it’s been eaten by our bloody hard working red blood meat loving aussie farmers from the outback for generations there’s nothing wrong with it that’s my opinion

  2. People who think that organic foods are more nutritional obviously never were taught food studies/technology/hospitality properly. When we were taught about organics, the first thing that came up was yes, they’re better for the environment but more nutritional, no.

    Thank you for the article though. I guess it can be the “food technology class” that the unknowing never had.

  3. Another great piece. My main comment actually regards the taglines you use when you post your articles to facebook. I for one do not enjoy the whole “mock the reader approach”. It comes across as petulant and brattish and simply makes me want to unlike your page. Please stop insulting our intelligence and just tell me what the articles about.

    • Hi Vicky, thank you for the feedback. Of course, our Facebook posts are all tongue-in-cheek and aren’t intended to offend anyone. We recognise that for many people (especially Gen Y), the environment isn’t necessarily at the forefront of their consciousness, so this is our way of making it as accessible as possible. In saying that, your feedback is duly noted and we will monitor our social media use. Thanks again, and we hope you keep reading!

  4. Apparently those foods grown in greenhouses are actually have less nutrients per gram, even though they look bigger and stronger (and healthier), due to the higher concentration of CO2…

  5. Food prices have risen faster in recent years than ever before. As many of us are feeling the pinch, it is time to reevaluate some of our food purchases. The term “organic” has been thrown around in the shopping aisles like sprinkles on the jelly donut you’re trying to avoid. It seems like hundreds of new “organic” products have emerged, all with a price tag about 30% higher than the regular option. Is it really worth the extra money, or are we all being duped with a clever marketing campaign to get us to buy essentially the same thing for a lot more? *

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