Who says green can’t be sexy?

Having sex and helping the environment? Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Following on from yesterday’s post on eco-friendly vibrators, we here at Smog thought it apt we bring you more from the “eco-sex” wave. After all, who said being green can’t be sexy?

With advice on vegan and organic aphrodysiacs, sustainable skivvies, sex toys and ethical condoms, you can’t go wrong with this guide to getting you green-gasm.

From The Huffington Post:

. . . in a technology-addled world where we’re often more intimate with our iPhones than our active or would-be lovers, sometimes you need a few tips. It’s time to slow down and put some eco into your sex. Here’s a guide to getting it on au naturel.

Clicking here is your first step towards the green-gasm you always wanted.

. . . or you could read our post on green vibrators.


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