Is climate change the cause of the Frankenstorm?

Humanity is Dr Frankenstein and climate change is our monster. Photo: (cc) twm1340.

If humanity is Dr Frankenstein, then nature is our experiment and climate change is our vengeful monster.

The freak collision of two storms – fuelled by contrasting tropical ocean temperatures and cold Canadian air – has created Hurricane Sandy: a hybrid beast analogously dubbed ‘Frankenstorm’ that is currently ravaging the East Coast of the US.

Meteorologists are calling it an “extremely rare occurrence” and an apocalyptic nightmare, but perhaps we’ve only got ourselves to blame. Is nature’s monster having its say? Can we afford to withdraw and ignore humanity’s destructive habits any longer?

Motherboard writes:

Who knows? We refuse to stop playing the part of the uncurious Dr. F, we refuse to take much interest in our experiment at all. Frankenstein built a single monster, nasty as he was. In our experiment, we’ve built an entire factory for frankenstorms. Maybe we’ll just have to get used to living in a future where the monsters it churns out are perennially on the loose.

Read the rest here.


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