The power of pee

Urine-powered generators: making being green as easy as drinking a litre of water. Photo: Grist.

We have already posted a story on the power of pig poo, but did you know about the power of people pee? Four African teenage girls have invented a urine-powered generator. The generator turns one litre of urine into six hours of electricity.

Grist writes:

So next time you pee and are about to flush it away to the pee’s happy hunting grounds, think about how these girls are so young and smart and innovative. And ask yourself, would you like a lower electric bill? Would you be willing to pee to get it? More importantly, do you want to be a person who, metaphorically, just pees and flushes, or do you want to be a hero?

Righteous stuff.

Read more on the power of people pee.


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