Sir David Attenborough: badgers aren’t the problem, people are

Badger, badger, badger...

Are we really going to blame this guy for our problems? Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

If you have ever seen BBC Life, you would know that there is nothing, I repeat nothing, more amazing then the world narrated by Sir David Attenborough. With his calming and epicly knowledgable voice he commands our attention to deliver us a beautiful and informative understanding of our world.

That’s why it’s pretty worrying that our green knight in shining armour has delivered such an apocalyptic admonition about the way we live. Citing population explosion and resource depletion, Sir Attenborough basically says we are pretty screwed, albeit far more eloquently.

From The Independent:

Anyone who thinks there can be limitless growth in a limited environment, is either mad or an economist… I suspect humanity will stagger on, though not quite as luxuriously.

Sir Attenborough also took the opportunity on air to outline his opposition to the proposed UK badger cull, which we here at Smog are vehemently against (they so cute!).

Read the full article here or watch him and others talk about the proposed badger cull below.


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