Amy Rathbone 
Amy is our editor, probably because she is a bit of a perfectionist. Apart from that, she likes agriculture and food journalism: agriculture because of the cute animals and stunning peach trees, food because she enjoys being paid to eat. She has rewritten this a gazillion times.

    Liam Taylor
Liam is a closet hippy with a deep love for all things green, but without time for flower chains or spirit circles. Ever since The Lion King, he’s had a secret fancy of getting back to nature and ruling the Savannah. Producing content about this, and other vital aspects of the environment, is his passion.

Sharon Ye
Creative Director, Social Media
Sharon is a board game enthusiast who counts pop culture as her bread and butter. She loves live music, and her two digit number available funds are often attributed to the fact she has blown all her money on gigs. A curious soul, she can often be found people watching. She chose to be a journalist because of this voyeuristic tendency (interest in humans).

Adam Glyde
Fact Checker
Adam is a non-funny person. He used to be a chef but he can’t cook. He’s won very little in his life but was awarded two High Commendation’s in the 2012 Walkley Awards. He’s a journo and writer but can’t think of anything else to write. He likes to work hard and survives on five hours sleep. Baffling.

    Anita Senaratna
Interactivity Manager
Anita works part time at IKEA telling people how to assemble things over the phone, but her life ambition is to be Hunter S. Thompson in a dress (as in a female version of an incredibly famous, completely badass journalist/author, not a man in drag). She likes British comedy and dying her hair crazy colours.

Tess Gibney
Tess is manically disorganized and generally always running late. She is supremely enthusiastic about road trips, travelling and how to make the perfect cup of tea. A dentist once told her that she could talk underwater with a mouthful of rocks (he was extracting teeth). This is true if the conversation is interesting enough.

Dave Roberts
Web Designer
Dave is an established music journalist, composer and writer, working on his first book. His grammar is awful, his handwriting closer to hieroglyphics, and his humour is sarcasm laced with dry wit. An avid watcher of TV shows, he can quote most of Joss Whedon’s Firefly and has a small man-crush on Nathan Fillion.



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